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When we pack your head you know what you're in for. You know it will be smooth. You know it will be slow and long lasting. You get to sit back and relax. We promise to spoil you and do all the work. When you get home, however, you won't have our expertise to fall upon. So if you do decide to do it solo, here are some essential tips.

Keeping It Tasty:

  • The biggest danger to the quality of your smoke is exposure to oxygen. The sugars that provide the smooth flavor of the smoke simply can't hold moisture when exposed to air. Most high quality shisha will be sold in airtight containers such as Haze Tobacco's Stack N' Haze line of products. If you are a true aficionado, however, you might want to head right next door to Smoker's Choice and pick yourself up anything you need for your own killer set up.

Keeping It Smoking:

  • The exact opposite problem affects your charcoals. The moisture in the air will cause uneven burning and can even lead to sparking or breakage of your coal. Whatever you use to light your head, keep it safe in an airtight container. Once again, most coals are sold in appropriate containers and you can find something that fits your style at Smoker's Choice.

Keeping It Smooth:

  • Your pipe is the centerpiece of your collection. To maintain a consistent quality smoke it demands to be treated like it. Always keep your pipe clean and dry. Remove as much residue as possible. Leftover remnants of your last smoke can ruin the experience of your next one.

Stick to these simple rules and every smoke will be the best it can be. Of course, if you have questions, feel free to come on down and ask any one of our experienced personnel.

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